Monday, June 24, 2013

I return! Aggrivated, but here.

     Hi everyone! You would not believe what all's been happening here. Between Mother's Day, recovering from Mother's Day, and SSI changing their minds about things every other day, I just haven't been able to concentrate. THEN I went to get all my mani pictures off my camera only to find that it doesn't play well with my new laptop and all of my images were gone. I was able to recover two sets, but that's it! So many wonderful looks gone like *poof*. Blah. Here are the ones I was able to save and today's look.


     June 14th: This is Vivid Lacquer's In The House Of Upside Down over Mentality Vigilance. House of Upside Down is just so stinkin' fun! Butterflies and hearts and circles and fun. The base is just slightly tinted blue, so I'll have to play around with some other combinations for it.

     June 16th: I loved the CRAP out of this look! It's a jelly sandwich of L'Oreal Mango Mamma with the stamp done in Sinful Colors Snow Me White. The stamp is from Vivid Lacquer's VL004. My nails were bright bright bright and the design earned me a compliment from the Medical Assistant at my doctor's office.

     June 23rd: Wet N' Wild 2% Milk as the base, the green is Sinful Colors Mint Apple and that fabulous glitter is Sakura by Darling Diva. It was hard to catch the color of the circles without the light flaring and blowing them out, but they're actually a bright fuchsia and the flower shaped glitters are a pale baby pink. It's very spring-y - there are also green squares and circles in there that didn't pop against Mint Apple as well as I wanted them to in the picture, but they're wonderful in person.

Until next time!

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