Friday, December 27, 2013

Holiday Nails: Candy Cane Stripes and Christmas Trees


Christmas nails! The base on these is Moonstone, part of the Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Collection. Moonstone is a great frosty white, but a just the right angle there's a powerful pink shift that looked really cool with the candy stripes in this mani. The red stripes are Zoya Posh and the green ones are Zoya Veruschuka, both from their matte velvet set. For the accent nail, I used Zoya Logan for the perfect tree base, then added a glitter called Bedazzled by Claire's for the ornaments and topped it off with little star rhinestones!

Right now I'm swatching my little heart out. I bought Zoya's Black Friday deal as my Christmas gift, so that's 21 new polishes PLUS a big shipment from Vivid Lacquer arrived the day before Christmas with 21 new polishes in it that I've been slowly buying since Halloween. My stash has EXPLODED this week.

My partner and I both have birthdays in the next two weeks, so I'll be busy busy busy. What do you have planned this week?

Base coats are Orly Nailtrition and Bonder. Top coat is Seche Vite.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Moar Stamps! Snowflakes on blue with rhinestones.

 Geez, it's been forever since I posted! I get super blah in the winter time, especially if there's snow on the ground like there has been lately. Sorry.

So the lovely mani I just finished applying is based on Zoya Dream, which is a gorgeous medium blue packed with holo glitter. Then I stamped with Essie's No Place Like Chrome using a snowflake stamp from Vivid Lacquer's VL006. Matte top coat gave Dream this fabulous look that's almost like glittery denim, then I topped it off with some aqua blue rhinestones by Cheeky that I got in a swap package. I think they came out great!

Base coats are Orly Nailtrition and Bonder. Top coats are Seche Vite and NYC Matte Me Crazy.
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