Thursday, April 18, 2013

Massive Haul: Vivid Lacquer Box of Awesome

If you've never heard of an indie brand called Vivid Lacquer, get thee over there NAO. Anni's polish is amazing, and her stamping plates have fabulous images (plate review to follow after the memorial service for my Stepdad next week), and Anni herself is just awesome. I've been working with her on a bulk order since around Halloween, and it arrived yesterday just when I needed a little boost. 28 bottles of polish and 7 stamping plates later...

I called this picture I think I need a 12 Step Program. LOL. It's a lot, I know, so let me break it down a bit.

All the lists are from Left to Right.

Your Princess Is In Another Castle, Have Fun Storming The Castle. From the Thankful For My Console Collection there is: Spaaaace!, In The House Of Upside Down, The Test Subject's Companion, and Woo! Tangent.

From the Evil League Of Evil Collection: We Do The Weird Stuff, You Are NOT My Nemesis, Evil League Of Evil, A Real Audible Connection, and Shiny New Australia.

Sketchbook, Composition, Notebook Paper, and from the Winter 2012 Collection: Snowjob, Step Away From The Tinsel, and I Deglaze With Wine.

Theoretical Rockstar, Moonlit Cheshire, Wish Upon A Star, Assemble, Fairy Bread, The Harlequin's Adoration, Daisy, Hivemind and Waltraud.

So if you're counting along, that's 26 polishes. Anni also sent me two polishes that haven't been released yet!

This one is called The Long Wait. It's amazing cobalt blue with shimmer, bar glitter and large round glitters.

This color has no name yet. It's got purple and green glass flecks in a black base. The closest polish currently out that I can think of is Hard Candy Beetle or Wet N' Wild Night Prowl. It's beautiful.

Thank you again, Anni for everything.

Everyone else, go to Vivid Lacquer's shop. You won't regret it.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Absent again, sorry.

I'm going to be more absent than usual for a few days, lovelies. My Stepdad passed away very suddenly yesterday and I'll be wandering back and forth between my place and my mom's for awhile. Thanks for hanging in with me.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Birthdays Abound!

March 26: This looked great, but bubbled like crazy for some reason, so I had to take it off before it even cured.

Polishes Used:
Nail Tek Foundation II
L.A. Colors UltraNail Hardner
Wet N' Wild 2% Milk
Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl

March 31: My youngest Goddaughter, Crystaline, turned one and we had a giant birthday party/family gathering/easter dealio. I wanted polish that made me happy, and nothing makes me smile like my VLs!

Polishes Used:
Nail Tek Foundation II
L.A. Colors UltraNail Hardner
Sinful Colors Cinderella
Vivid Lacquer The Ragdoll's Soliloquy

Wet N' Wild I Need A Refresh-Mint
NYC Water Street Blue
Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl
Wet N' Wild Party Of Five Glitters
Julep Sharon 

Speaking of birthdays! Yesterday, April 4 is my blogaversary! I started taking nail pics and putting them up on Tumblr last year. I'm going to work on a giveaway, but it'll be a little bit.

My nails have been naked for days, because I just haven't had any mojo. I got an idea a little while ago though, so I'm working on something I think'll be pretty cool.
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