Friday, December 28, 2012

Swatch: Sinful Colors Dancing Nails

Dancing Nails is one of those colors that's hard to describe. In the bottle, it looks red, but on the nail it's more of a rose pink, and in some light it even looks almost like a burnt orange.

It's got a metallic finish, but it's not like anything else I own. The closest analogy I can come up with is that it's like wearing a cream eyeshadow on my nails. It's got that look of finely ground minerals that some eyeshadows have. I like this shade a lot!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Neon with Glitter Gradient

This polish is giving off so much light, it's hard to get an accurate shot of. When they say it's a neon, they mean it's a neon. We've been calling it Cheeze Puff orange, it's awesome. It dries matte, but a coat of Out The Door foxed that right up.

On top is my first attempt at a glitter gradient. I added some thinner to this bottle just before using it though, and I think I went a bit too far. It made it hard to control and sparse within the base.

Polishes Used:
LA Colors UltraNail Hardner
NYC French Tip White as unders
China Glaze Sun Worshiper
Out The Door
Spoiled Shuffle The Deck

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Snowman with Snowy Drips

I wish I could capture the shimmer in these polishes in camera. You can kind of see the shimmer and glitter in the franken polish I made and put over the blue - in person it's just barely frosty with glitter shining through. It came out amazing. The drips are icy too, but that frost was just impossible to catch without everything blurring.

Mr. Snowman was actually an accident, LOL. I goofed up my first art on that finger (I tried to free hand a big snowflake) and had to erase everything and start over. He came out SO cute though! I'm really happy with the tiny details like his scarf and his nose. Love it!

Polishes Used:
LA Colors UltraNail Hardner
China Glaze First Mate
Franken by Toad Frosty
Drips: Wet N' Wild Color Icon White and Wet N' Wild MegaLast Break the Ice
Snowman: Wet N' Wild Color Icon White, Diamond Cosmetics Nail Art Stripers in Black, Tangerine and Urban Legend
Out The Door

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Purple Tri-color V-tip

It's a good thing I love how this looks, because it's wearing like crazy! I need to get better at making all my angles the same, but I'm still happy with it. The shiny black looks like vinyl against the matte - LOVE.

Polishes Used:
LA Colors UltraNail Hardner
NYC Purple Pizzaz Frost
Out The Door
NYC Matte Me Crazy
Finger Paints Grape Gumball
China Glaze Fairy Dust
Finger Paints Black Expressionisim
OTD over just the angles to seal

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Party of Five Jelly Sammie

How did I live my life without jelly sandwiches? I loved the one I did for Thanksgiving so much, I had to recreate it when I got my hands on Party of Five Glitters. Once I put on the final coat of 2% Milk, I realized that there's a tiny teal hex in there I couldn't see in the bottle, so I had to add Akyra to make it pop.

Polishes Used:
LA Colors UltraNail Hardner
Wet N' Wild 2% Milk (Megalast) X2
Wet N Wild Party of Five Glitters (FastDry) X2
2% Milk X1
Out The Door top coat
Zoya Akyra X3

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dripping Paint Cans

This look is what got me into nail art the first time. You see when I was a Sophomore in high school, I was getting my nails done every week. Acrylics, of course, since I was still a biter then. One week I was brave enough to try this "dripping paint" art and it was all over for me. I can't remember anything else I had done, but I remember this one. A few months went by and one week I had to have my tips removed because a fungus was growing under my natural nails. *Shudder* I'm not sure what uncleanliness led to it, but that was the end of acrylic nails for me.

Polishes Used:
Wet N' Wild Metallica
China Glaze Fairy Dust
Wet N' Wild Blazed
Wet N' Wild Bijou Blue
Out The Door 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Challenge - Accepted! Hearts and Dots on Brown

Funny story behind these. I had zero inspiration the other night, so I turned to my nail girls for help. We have this challenge where someone picks three random numbers and the one doing her nails has to use the polishes that correspond to those numbers on her polish spreadsheet. It sounds more complicated than it is, I promise.

So, a friend picked for me and these were the polishes I had to use. I think they turned out pretty cute, don’t you? Canal Street is almost Auburn in color, it's very hard to capture on film. I used dotting tools to make the hearts and the dots - I obviously need more practice!

LA Colors UltraNail Hardner
NYC Canal Street
Pure Ice Gossip!
Wet N’ Wild Gray’s Anatomy
Out The Door
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